Muir Tapes & Adhesives provides custom slitting and die cutting to create the perfect solution for your product and production operation. We manage and maintain inventories for our customers to ensure their production operations run smoothly without interruptions. Custom converting ensures a perfect fit for your product. Matched with our inventory and delivery services we can help you lower production costs and streamline your operation.

Our converting capabilities Include:

  • Tolerance Slitting and Rewinding
  • Roll Perforation
  • Precision Die Cutting
  • Custom Laminating

Tight Tolerance Slitting & Rewinding

Baloney Slitting/Lever Slitting – allows for close tolerance slitting of material. Typically the tape will remain on the original core.

Muir Tapes & Adhesives –

  • Stocks most of our tapes in log rolls in a range of widths
  • Can produce custom orders from the carton to the trailer load
  • Standard or non-standard widths
  • Pressure sensitive or non-pressure sensitive
  • Provides fast turnaround
  • Rolls can be slit from 3mm to 1,524mm
  • Tight tolerance to 0.381mm

Custom Rewinding –

  • To change the length of a roll
  • To change core diameter
  • To change core material

Rewind Slitting - Used when high speed slitting or long length rolls are required.

Roll Perforation

Vertical and/or horizontal perforations to predetermined lengths (sizes).

Die Cutting

Cutting a precise shape out of a given material with the use of a machined die. Can be wound in rolls or packed as individual pieces.

We can design and engineer the part to your precise specifications based on your requirements. A wide range of pressure sensitive materials can be die cut (Transfer Tape, Double Coated Tape, VHB, Foam Tape, Kapton, UHMW, Vinyl Tape, etc.) for industrial, electrical, automotive, and decorative tapes.

  • Designed and engineered to your exact requirements
  • Solves your production problems
  • Increases production efficiency (labour and time)
  • Reduces waste

Custom Laminating

Laminating – Mating two (or more) products using pressure sensitive tape as the bonding agent. Can also be used to produce both pressure sensitive and non-pressure sensitive material such as felt, cork, etc.

We also have the capacity to exchange liners to improve product performance.

*tolerances and capabilities will depend on material.

Muir Tapes & Adhesives can custom manufacture a wide range of products to your specific requirements and applications.

  • Differential adhesives
  • Special thicknesses
  • Zone laminated
  • Wide range of adhesives: acrylic, hotmelt, rubber, silicone.

Muir Tapes & Adhesives' staff are skilled to custom design and manufacture products that you cannot locate via any other supplier.

Alternative Formats

Butt Cut – Cutting pre-determined lengths of material. Dry-Edge – By removing portion of tape to leave the liner exposed, the liner can be quickly/easily removed.
Extended Liner – Applying a wider liner than the tape. Aids in easy removal of the liner from the tape. Kiss Cut – Leaving the die cut part on a liner without cutting through the liner. Supplied in roll form or multipad form.
Multi Pad – A number of die cuts on individual pad or sheet. Example – 100 die cut parts per sheet or pad. Tabbing – Tabs can be created (added) on rolls or die cut guides to aid in the removal of the liner.
Roll Form – Die cutting a part and leaving the parts on a liner and rolled back up on a core. Scored Liner – (Slit or Split liner) A cut in the release liner to aid in the removal of the liner from the tape or die cut part.


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