We offer a wide range of tapes to meet a variety of product and production requirements. From Acrylic Foam Tapes with superior bonding to Removable Tapes that enhance production performance, our tape solutions are clean and easy to use. We custom slit rolls and provide precision die cut shapes to fit your product design and operational requirements.

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Acrylic Foam Tapes
VHB’s (Very High Bond) are the ultimate in tape bonding technology.  The viscoelastic properties absorb shock and vibration while distributing the stress evenly for extreme bonding power, eliminating the hassles and work required with mechanical fasteners.  High temperature versions allow for bonding prior to powder coating.

Adhesive Transfer Tapes
Specially engineered to provide a full range of performance characteristics meeting virtually any application. Transfer Tapes are extremely conformable and have the ability to stick to high and low surface energy plastics.  A variety of adhesive properties are available including performance at elevated temperatures, high tack and exceptional moisture or solvent resistance.

ATG Transfer Tapes
Versatility, convenience and speed - that’s what you get with the ATG System.  A friendly dispenser that is used to apply your favorite transfer tapes, while simultaneously removing the liner.  You can readily bond, join, mount, or laminate materials such as paper, plastics, metal and more with no mess or clean up.

Double Coated Tapes
Thick or thin, double coated tapes provide you with the ability to overcome gaps created by substrate irregularities and the flexibility to choose the best adhesive systems for your substrates.

Removable Tapes
Perfect choice for applications that require a “permanent” adhesive on one side and a “removable/repositionable” adhesive on the other side.

Supplementary Products
Our Supplementary Products section offers specialized solutions to complement your bonding requirements.






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