Specialty Products


We have an extensive range of specialty tapes to draw upon in order to fit your specific needs. Each variety of specialty tape has been designed to excel at their particular application.

Aluminum Foil Tapes

Conformable aluminum foil tapes with aggressive adhesives that seal, reflect heat or light, resist moisture, flame, chemicals and UV radiation. Thermal conductivity helps maximize cooling efficiency.

Cloth Tapes

Duct/Cloth Tapes are dependable and offer exceptional performance for many sealing, bundling, reinforcing, securing and gaffers applications.  Customer valued features include: hand tearable, weatherable, high strength and versatility.

Electrical Tapes

Electrical tape is a type of pressure-sensitive tape used to insulate electrical wires and other material that conduct electricity. It can be made of many plastics, with vinyl being the most popular but we also offer conductive foil tapes and glass cloth tapes for effective and long lasting insulation.


Lubricants and Cleaners are powerful weapons that save time and effort in many maintenance and production applications. Thousands of plants and factories are using aerosol chemicals to lubricate, clean and inhibit rust.

Polyester Tapes

For powder coat paint masking, 3M™ Polyester Tape series 8900 provides popular choices with clean removing high temperature silicone adhesives and different backing thicknesses of tough non-slivering polyester.

Slick Surface Tapes

High performance tapes that feature a low coefficient of friction, high heat and abrasion resistance for demanding applications.  UHMW, PTFE films and glass cloth tapes perform where other tapes fall short.

Specialty Tapes

In this section you’ll find all those unique tapes like cellulose, venting tape, lithographers tape, flashing tape and more. These products can help you meet and resolve many challenges simply and effectively.

Vinyl Tapes

Extremely conformable, these dead stretch vinyl tapes have a specially formulated adhesive system that allows them to aggressively adhere to most surfaces yet remove cleanly making them an excellent choice for fine line masking, floor marking and metal plating.

Specially manufactured with the colour throughout construction, the backing resists scrapes, wear, weathering and chemicals.






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