We offer many different types of packaging tapes to satisfy a wide variety of packaging issues. Our specialists can analyze your needs and recommend a custom solution that fits your packaging and production requirements.

Box Sealing Tapes

Box sealing tapes are more than just a means to an end.  Opened or incorrectly sealed packages can lead to loss of product, damage or costly rework.  Quality box sealing tapes provide balanced construction of initial adhesion and holding power to provide a secure seal through the entire supply chain.

We provide box sealing tapes of high quality and uniform construction to meet the rigorous demands of high speed taping equipment.

Cold Temperature Box sealing tapes are an outstanding choice for applications where tape is applied below 40º F.

High Strength Box Tapes

Filament and Tensilized Polypropylene Tapes (TPP) are designed for bundling and reinforcing applications in the industrial marketplace.  Even under extreme conditions these tapes balance tensile strength and adhesive holding power providing secure and cost-effective solutions.

As a method to reduce shipping costs, Filament Tapes can be used to combine alike cartons/parcels being shipped to the same location.

Great box closure method for applications such as meat packaging, window/door blind, and golf clubs.

For cartons requiring extra strength in a closure solution, bi-directional glass filament reinforced tapes provide strength in both directions. Resisting center seam splitting.

Supplementary Products

Some of our packaging solutions are so unique they don’t fit easily into any category. For specialized solutions to fit your specialized needs, see our Supplementary Product section. 







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