Glue Dots


Glue Dots® are pressure sensitive adhesives that allow you to overcome production obstacles to create eye-popping perfect presentations.  They cleanly and easily bond instantly to a variety of substrates.  Picking the right Glue Dots® for your application is as easy as 1-2-3.

1. Select the right tack level for your application

With 4 different Tack Levels to match applications and substrates, Glue Dots® are extremely versatile.

"Super High" tack creates a permanent bond that is strong enough to hold glass bottles together during shrink wrapping applications.

“High” tack dots bond well to plastics providing a strong bond.

"Medium" tack dots are considered removable from glossy, coated papers and plastics.

“Low” tack dots remove cleanly from virtually every surface including drywall and plain papers.





2. Select the best thickness
Glue Dots® are available in 3 profiles or thicknesses.

"Low" profile Glue Dots® are thin, commonly used for bonding flat or conformable items.

"Medium" and "High" profiles are best suited for round or irregularly shaped objects.





3. Select your application method
To match your application requirements, there are now 4 ways to get Glue Dots® onto your product.

Ready, Set, Go








Put Productivity in the Palm of Your Hand

This durable, lightweight hand held applicator easily and efficiently applies Glue Dots®






Improved Speed and Efficiency

Coming Soon to a Company Like Yours






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