Dispensers are indispensable in any production operation. The question is which dispenser to choose for your specific needs.

Graham Muir Sales carries a wide range of dispensers and we can help you select the right dispenser to help streamline your operation.

Common Dispensers

Tape is one of the most effective sealing/attaching methods you can choose.  Unfortunately, getting the tape off the roll and onto your parts in a production setting is not always practical.  Today you can change that.  Application designed dispensers allow you to quickly and easily apply and cut the tape to improve your process.

Definite Length Dispensers

Definite Length Dispensers further refine your operation by automating the dispensing process and reducing waste.

Automatic Dispensers

Dispense single or multiple labels from a common web with this portable solution. This light weight, hands free dispenser will increase productivity by providing increased throughput and decreased waste. Contact us for details. 


Scotch™ ATG Applicators quickly and neatly apply Scotch™ and 3M™ branded adhesive transfer tapes. A touch of the trigger releases the adhesive and liner. The liner is captured on a secondary spool, leaving only the adhesive on the surface. Designed for industrial use - a great tool for framing, crafts and scrapbooking. 

Seven Ways An Automated Tape Dispenser Will Improve Your Assembly Tasks:

  1. Increase Productivity: An automated tape dispenser is fast! No longer will your assemblers have to struggle with tearing a piece from a traditional dispenser. With an automated dispenser, when you reach for a piece of tape, it is there.
  2. Provide Consistent Tape Lengths: You’ll always get the length you specify, +/- 2mm. Lengths are fully adjustable.
  3. Present Clean & Straight Cuts: The precision steel cutting blades in each dispenser guarantee a clean cut every time.
  4. Accepts Virtually Any Tape: Dispensers are available for vinyl, masking, cellophane, polyethylene, paper, acetate cloth, cotton cloth, mylar, kapton anti-static, polymide, glass cloth, aluminum foil, double sided, Teflon, Nomex, glass filament tapes and others.
  5. Reduce Operator Fatigue: Contrast the operator’s repetitive movements with traditional dispensers to an automated dispenser: there are no sudden twists, simply pick up the tape piece that has been presented.
  6. Reduce Waste: Each piece of tape dispensed is perfect – no tearing, twisting, crooked cuts or wrong lengths – a cost savings on material.
  7. Make Better looking Products: If appearance counts, these machines will deliver a uniform, professional look to your product – time after time.







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