Bonding or fastening materials together is one of the most important developments in manufacturing of modern times.  Never before has it been so easy for you to seamlessly bond two materials together for improved end-use performance, greater design flexibility and increased efficiency.

Compared to other fastening methods that waste time, create work or require refinishing steps (i.e. screws, staples, spot welds and rivets), tapes and adhesives are a manufacturer’s dream come true.  

Even many materials once defined as “hard-to-bond,” such as low surface energy plastics can now benefit from advanced adhesive technologies to get the job done better. And the bond will often be stronger than the substrate.  

Product quality and performance are improved and manufacturing costs are reduced when tape and adhesive products are customized to your specific operation.

Graham Muir Sales will create the customized product that is just right for your application and partner with you to ensure that inventory and delivery are in sync so you don’t miss a beat.

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