Today’s adhesives really are technological marvels outperforming other forms of fastening. Manufacturers can now look to advanced adhesives to replace screws, rivets and spot welds in their products and production operations. Adhesives improve product quality and performance while reduce operating costs.

Structural Adhesives are high strength load-bearing adhesives that exhibit assembly strength comparable to welding. They can often replace unsightly mechanical fasteners while simultaneously saving time and labour costs with their easy application method. The bond is frequently stronger than the materials being bonded contributing to outstanding durability.

Non-Structural Adhesives bond a range of similar and dissimilar substrates wherever load-bearing strength is not required. They are offered in a variety of formats and technologies to meet specific application requirements.

Manufacturers can look to Graham Muir Sales and our special expertise to take advantage of advanced adhesives to improve both product function and plant profitability.

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