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Protective Films


For protection against scratching, marring, chipping and abrasion, our rugged (1 mil to 5 mil) protective tapes adhere and conform to protect product surfaces during production, packaging, shipping and installation.  

With different tack levels and colours to match your application, these films remove cleanly once the product is in the hands of the end user. For outdoor applications such as window protection during construction, we suggest UV resistant films that are anti-ghosting.

Protect LCD Displays from abrasion, nicks, and scratches that can interfere with readability. Removes cleanly with no ghosting. 

To help ensure a scratch-free surface for the end user, Co-Extruded tapes offer enhanced abrasion and puncture resistance. 

Protective Tapes protect decorative metal light switches, kick plates and control panels of a stove. Cold-Seal® Films keep screws together and prevent them from scratching other items in the package. 


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