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MTA - masking - high performance tapes

High Performance Tapes


231 3M Tape

Premium high performance crepe paper masking tape designed to perform well in most industrial painting situations, including the use of bake cycles. This smooth to the touch masking tape, embodies all the features that are desirable of a paint masking tape and designed specifically for the professional painter.

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232 3M Tape

Designed to be used in medium temperature paint bake operations.

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2380 3M Tape

Smooth, strong, mini-crepe paper high temperature masking tape suitable for most paint masking applications.

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501+ 3M Tape

Specialty high temperature masking tape used for critical paint masking applications

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7300 3M Tape

3M 7300 Mask Film is a high performance, high temperature gross masking film ideal for protecting from paint and solvent bleed-through. This mask film offers better protection than masking paper for OEM two tone, blackout, and repair painting of autos, trucks and fascia.

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