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MTA - bonding/fastening - adhesives - non structural adhesives - spray adhesives

Spray Adhesives


20 3M Adhesives

A high strength, fast grabbing, industrial grade, lace spray aerosol adhesive that forms a powerful, permanent bond. Can be used to bond many different substrates, including wood, plastics, soft foams, fabrics and metal. Ideal in woodworking and many other applications where high strength is required.

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27 3M Adhesives

A versatile, economical, industrial grade, mist spray aerosol adhesive for lightweight applications. Fast tacking mist spray adhesive with very little soak in on porous substrates makes it ideal for bonding paper, cardboard, plastic films, soft foam, and fiberglass insulation.

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74 3M Adhesives

A fast tack adhesive with high content of adhesive solids that provides high coverage. It quickly bonds many soft foams and fabrics. The non-dimpling glue line provides an ideal bond line for many upholstery applications. Its variable valve provides a precise spray pattern width of 1" to 4". Common uses include: General upholstery foam bonding; Bonds fabrics to foam, wood, plastics, metal or fabrics.

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76 3M Adhesives

A clear, fast tack adhesive with high temperature resistance, able to provide strong one-surface bonds. Its variable valve provides a precise spray pattern width of 1" to 4". Common uses include: Bonds fabrics and felts in industrial manufacturing; Bonds fabrics for pool tables; Bonds pipe insulation; Bonds fabrics for some vehicle "headliner" applications (not recommended for vinyl headliners).

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77 3M Adhesives

High tack, high coverage, low soak-in. Permanently attaches foils, carpeting, paper, cardboard, felt, cloth and more. Bonds in 15 seconds. High coverage, aggressive, fast-tacking adhesive with a long bonding range. Does not cavitate expanded polystyrene foam

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78 3M Adhesives

High strength, high temperature resistant, industrial grade spray adhesive. Bonds polystyrene with no surface degradation; General industrial, building and construction, HVAC, set design, packaging and specialty vehicle; Laminating, spraying, polystyrene bonding, adhering, attaching EPDM or TPO roof membrane, gluing and sticking.

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80 3M Adhesives

A high performance neoprene based contact aerosol spray adhesive. High strength; High temperature resistance; Fast setting; General industrial, automotive and specialty vehicle; Bonding, attaching, adhering, fastening, securing and gluing

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90 3M Adhesives

Extremely high-strength and fast-tack adhesive. Bonds to concrete, polyethylene, polypropylene, wood, MDF, metal and more. High bond strength, especially for bonding decorative laminates. High temperature and moisture resistance. Low misting and precise spray pattern control.

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