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About Us

Focusing on innovative solutions for our customers

Muir Tapes and Adhesives (MTA) first opened its doors in 1958 as 3M’s original Canadian specialty tape converter and distributor. Over the past 60 years, the company has grown and evolved into a leader of custom tape solutions to a wide range of customers, from key automotive part manufacturers, to unique industrial manufacturers. We are a customer centric organization, driven to succeed. We operate with a continuous improvement mindset and a culture of ONE TEAM working together to achieve greatness. Our sole mission is “To Help Manufacturers Make Things Better”.


Converting to meet
customers’ exact specs

In the Muir Tapes & Adhesives facility, we use multiple slitters to custom slit single and double-sided tapes to whatever size matches your specifications. Our production crew provides advanced services that include precision die cutting, roll lamination, and perforation. These processes ensure you have the right product, in the right format, to bring you desired results.

And that’s why Muir Tapes & Adhesives deals with “household” names in both tapes and adhesives: 3M, Tesa, Loctite, Intertape, Gaska Tape, Glue Dots, Adhesive Systems, Avery Dennison, Covalence Adhesives, Velcro and Scapa Tapes. With our uncompromising focus on customer service, we use only leading global manufacturers that deliver superior products for superior results.

Contact a Muir Tapes & Adhesives Sales Specialist today to build a better product tomorrow.

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